Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce

Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce
Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce (click images to enlarge)

Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce

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Description of Centerforce 53010 Alignment Tool from Centerforce

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Manufacturer Description

Centerforce has been a leader in clutch innovation and quality. To ensure the highest level of quality, every clutch design that Centerforce offers is run through a gauntlet of testing procedures. We continually monitor and evaluate clutch-holding capacity by utilizing specific friction materials and accurate pressure plate clamp-load measurements. Clutch breakaway torque readings are further verified through our specially built clutch testing equipment. It is important to note that these values are not just mathematical calculations on paper, our numbers are backed-up by actual “real world” use and testing. Centerforce uses the latest in CAD/CAM technology for all of our in-house product designs. This coupled with precise measurement and strict manufacturing control means you get parts right the first time. In addition to these procedures, Centerforce also regularly test components and materials through independent test labs to further ensure we not only meet, but also exceed industry standards. Centerforce is serious about quality. We take the extra steps so you can expect long life, ease of use, precise operation and maximum power transfer from your Centerforce clutch. Centerforce offers multi-level product lines allowing customers to choose a performance clutch that matches their application and driving style. Centerforce clutch assemblies are designed as an improved OE-style, direct bolt-in replacement performance clutch. The unique Centerforce design allows for easy pedal effort and everyday drivability, while offering increased holding-capacity for maximum performance. Centerforce engineers evaluate each assembly and apply our patented processes to increase the clutches holding-capacity and performance.

Product Features

Centerforce holds 9 exclusive patents pertaining to automotive performance clutches Over 25 years of experience to create the best clutch and flywheel package for your application Some of these processes include the famous Centerforce weight system, dual-Friction discs, and ball bearing actuated pressure plates, precision billet flywheels and more Each application is developed to provide you with the right amount of clamp load, friction, durability and ease of use Engineered to perform