Keep Your Car's Wheels Rolling

Keep Your Car's Wheels Rolling.


Your car could be asset if the necessary maintenance are done regular.  You might have dreamed about your first car as with your wedding day or your first house, but you must have been very excited when got your first car. After a few years, however, you become so accustomed to your car that a service might look like something, which might look like a burden, as to see it as a necessity.

But if you realize that your car does have some basic  needs, the less likely that you will get any great mechanic problems and unnecessary repair costs. You will also extend your car's lifetime if you timely give your attention to problems.

It is important to know your specific vehicle. The owner's manual is the recipe book for your car. Just like you can't bake a cake without a recipe book. You can not wishes to understand the basic performance of your vehicle if you do not read the car's manual. See the manual as a long recipe that will help you to understand your car.  Your car manual explains anything, .. the type of fuel that the specific model need, to how to pump the tires.

Your car's recipe

1.Tires and wheel alignment.

Always rotate the tires from the front to the rear and keep the right tires right and the left tires left, so that the wheels do not run skew. It is also suggested that for front wheel driven cars tires rotated the tires before they are worn, because front wheel tires wear faster and run hotter than the rear tires, and to increase your tires life span, it is better that the back wheels tires also get a chance to work hard.

Whenever you rotate your cars' tires it is suggested that you inspect the walkway of the tires. The outer walkway should have the same wear as the inner and middle walkway. If they are not then you must check your car's wheel alignment. If you found that your car pull left or right as you drive, then it is better to check wheel alignment.

It is better in the mornings before going to work to check your car's wheel condition, other wise you might end up with a flat tire. If you are not sure what the tires pressure should be, just compare the tire's appearance with the each other on the car. Your wheel's tread should not be thinner than 1mm

80% of the tire's tread to be saved. Car's tire pressure are different. It usually is 1.8, 2.0 or 2.2 bar. If you are not sure how much is your car's tire pressure you should look for instruction. Most cars have a sticker inside the door that indicates the tire pressure.

Do not just give instructions to the attendant to pump your car's tire. Walk with him around the vehicle to familiarize yourself with the tire pressure. So will you easier find if there is a problem with one of the wheels next time.

The motorists who service his car every 10 000 km will know in what condition the car tires are. If you ever in future purchase only two new tires, put them first at the rear if your vehilce is frontwheel driven because it takes about three to six months for a new tire run in.


A battery of a car normal life is three to five years. If an engine, especially in cold winter, struggling to start, it could be dirty battery terminals which do not make good contact or a flat battery. Do not keep the starter on too long as this can drain the battery and the engine will not start. The battery will loose it's power very quickly in the winter if the starter take too long to start the the engine. For a test you can watch the interrior roof light while you start the engine to see if the battery is low on power.
The light is a direct indication of the battery's power. If the light dims badly while starting the engine, it might indicate a flat battery.

To see if your car's battery poles are full of deposits, lift the hood. A battery with green deposits can be cleaned by pouring a solution of warm water with baking soda on it. Give it chance so that the solution respond and after it is clean add clean hot water on the battery. It is advisable to keep a set of good thick copper jumper cables in your car's boot.

If you have a breakdown and your car's battery is flat you can connect the battery cable to another car as follows:

1.Connect one end of the positive cable (usually red) to the positive terminal of the flat battery.

2.Connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the car with the good battery.