Planning For Your Next Holiday Trip

Planning For Your Next Holiday Trip

It seems like the your planned holiday is still faraway , but soon you’ll be packing up and hitting the road on your next family vacation.

And unlike popular feeling, the weeks leading up to the trip are not the time to start getting your vehicle ready.

It is best to do that tune-up about three months ahead.

Here are three easy steps to follow:

1. Schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

When you bring your vehicle in for its checkup, your mechanic may recommend a number of services to prepare your vehicle for the season, such as brakes, battery condition, oil and filters, hoses and belts. Two of the most critical items to check are anti-freeze and tires. Your technician can recommend the minimum temperature threshold for your area, and add anti-freeze as needed. Tire condition is even more important during the winter months. Make sure the t - belt has been replaced on its interval , you dont want a complete engine failure on your trip.

2. Put together an emergency kit.

If you don’t have one already, put together a winter emergency kit. It should contain tools you can use to get out of a bind – such as adjustable wrenches that will allow you to make secondary repairs, jumper cables, a jack, air pump and flashlight. You’ll also need a 1st care kit to treat any accidental injury* that may happen in an accident. And in case you get isolated, carry canned or non-perishable food items and a can opener, a few gallons of clean water and enough warm blankets to cover up the entire family.

3. Take steps to protect your vehicle’s interior.

Wintertime will bring with it mud, slush, dirt, salt and grime, all things that are hard to get out of the carpet. Protect your investment by upgrading your floor mats.

“Taking care of carpeting is believably one of the most unnoticed aspects of vehicle maintenance, It’s not there just for looks. It insulates the interior of the car, helps reduce road noise and protects the metal flooring beneath it.”

Tips for protecting your vehicle’s interior from the wear and tear of the winter months:

* Whenever possible, shake excess dirt, mud and snow off your shoes before getting into the vehicle. This minimizes cleanup and helps protect the carpeting.

* Vacuum-clean and shampoo on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming helps remove loose dirt before it becomes ingrained in the nap of the carpet. Shampooing or steam cleaning will help get rid of whatsoever built-up stain and dirts.

* It's a good idea to upgrade your standard issue floor mats with a more heavy-duty option.

* Enhance and protect your vehicle’s trunk or rear storage area.