Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Distance Trip

Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Distance Trip

Tips to prepare your auto for any long distance travelling can help keep your vehicle in optimum condition during the the trip. Long trips might be tough on your vehicle, so give it a little bit of attention with these common sense maintenance tips.

It is time to prepare your car for the trip to minimize the risk of a breakdown. Such breakdowns could be avoided by carrying out regular checks, so motorists are advised to follow these steps to minimize the risk.

There's nothing worse than breaking down on a cold winter night, stranded on the side of the road, A few basic and regular checks can dramatically reduce the risk of getting stuck on the road.

We urge motorists to set aside some time to carry out a series of simple checks, Some may seem like common sense, but you'll be surprised at how many drivers forget after the summer. For example, it is crucial to ensure all your lights are clean and working properly. Always replace any broken bulbs immediately. If you don't, you will not only find it difficult to see the road clearly, you run the risk of not being seen by other drivers.

Make sure you minimize the risk of breakdown on your next trip:

* Get your car checked: A professional check is worth it, for added peace of mind.
* Check your tires: Rain, snow and ice can make roads lethal. Check your tire tread and make sure the air pressure is okay.
* Light the way: Keep lights clean and make sure they are working.
* Get charged up: A dead battery is the main cause of breakdowns, so get it checked and replaced if necessary.
* Cooling system: Ensure this is checked and that the anti-freeze content meets the manufacturer requirements.
* Wipers: Check windscreen wipers and replace if they fail to clear the screen correctly.
* Fuel: Ensure you have more than enough for your journey.
* Tools for minor repairs

Be prepared and take the following items with you:
* A fully charged cell phone
* Shovel in case of snow
* Defroster and an scraper for windows depends whenever you travel during the winter.
* Blanket and warm clothing in case the worst happens
* Sturdy shoes or rubber boots
* Some snacks, such as energy bars
* Extra fuel
* Map or an GPS

In addition, it is a good idea to put together an emergency winter survival kit so that you are prepared should you breakdown. Remember to include a flashlight, blanket, and a first aid kit.